Be one of the best spray tanners in Australia with Tan by Lucy Lane's Masters Spray Tan Certificate

Welcome to the Tan by Lucy Lane Master Spray Tan Technician Certificate course. Congratulations on undertaking this elite certificate to showcase your knowledge and skills to an unrivalled level. We are proud to offer you our TBLL Master Certificate after successfully completing our Standard and Competition and Performance Certificates as the pre requisites. We want you to strive to be the best, have the best spray tanning skills and knowledge and run a successful spray tanning business with an impeccable reputation and client following.

TBLL Masters is for those in the industry who have undertaken both our Spray Tanning Certificates and have spray tanned for 12 months who wish to lift their spray tanning profile to the highest level within our brand and be recognized for the commitment, skills, dedication and passion this entails. 

We have put together interactive online training modules that can sourced from anywhere in Australia. Our Masters online training is a new and innovative award that is taught in the same manner as you would receive face-to-face but is done virtually in your time at your pace in your own environment working around your busy life. The Online training for our Masters Certificate is a combination of the interactive online course of theory and multiple choice questions, answering questions in essay form, video demonstrations and phone/email chats for any assistance. We will assess you at each module and guide you the whole way. Once you have passed each training module and have had your spray tanning technique assessed and approved you will obtain your Tan by Lucy Lane Masters Spray Tanning Certificate and trophy of achievement.