Welcome to our Specialised IPL Treatments


We are fully Government Accredited Technicians and use a Bodylite TGA Medically Approved Grade 2 IPL Machine. IPL, Intense Pulsed Light, is is a treatment programme for both Skin and Hair Removal.  We choose Bodylite to ensure you receive the latest, strongest, most effective yet safest technology available in Ipl to ensure you receive great results in a few short treatments.  This sophisticated multi use machine can almost turn back the clock by working intensely on the deper layers of the Skin to give a younger, fresher and tighter appearance.  IPL uses light and heat energy to bring new life to cellular tissues such as collagen and elastin.  These fibres shrink and and tighten to rreduce and remove fine lines and wrinkles and also to remove pigmentation, sun damage and so much more by changing filters in the machine to target specific issues.  Numerous issues and concerns with the skin can be addressed in each session making our Treatments very direct and tailored to your needs and desired results.  Our IPL is a pain free, cold laser with no discomfort from treatment nor any downtime. We offer free no obligation consultations so contact us today so we can help you achieve your desired results.