IPL Contra Indications


We will not:

Treat over a tattoo, unless you want it removed and that is your chosen Treatment.
Treat over hairy moles(requires physician consultation prior to treatment).
Treat a  who client is hemophiliac (requires physician consultation prior to treatment).
Treat malignant or suspicious tissues (physician consultation).
Treat lower extremities of diabetics due to poor healing qualities (physician consultation).
Treat a client who has used oral acne medication in last six months - accutane.
Treat pregnant women, no evidence can support safety for this so we err on the side of caution.
Treat a client who suffers from oral herpes (for lip, chin treatment) they may want to get a script from their physician for oral antiviral prophylaxis several days prior.
Treat a client who has a tendency to keloid scar or has used oral isotretinoin during the past 6 months.


We require a Deposit of 50% of your First Treatment Amount to secure your first appointment.