IPL Hair Removal


We are the IPL go to salon on Brisbane's inner Northside at Wavell Heights. We are fully Government Accredited Technicians and use a Bodylite TGA Medically Approved Grade 2 IPL Machine. IPL, Intense Pulsed Light, is is a treatment programme for both Skin and Hair Removal.  We choose Bodylite to ensure you receive the latest, strongest, most effective yet safest technology available in IPL to ensure you receive great results in a 8-10 regular short treatments.  The treatment amount can and will vary from client to client depending on hair strength and thickness, hormones, ageing and prior hair removal options used-this is a gauge we can work from but not every client fits into this due to the previously mentioned factors therefore some clients will require a few more treatments than our rough guide.  This sophisticated multi use machine can almost turn back the clock by working intensely on the deper layers of the Skin to permanently remove hair.  It is a pain free, cold laser with no discomfort from treatment. Numerous issues and concerns with the hair can be addressed in each session making our Treatments very direct and tailored to your needs and desired results. Bodylite usesa  deep filter for Hair Removal which targets the pigment in the hair and the heat energy destroys the hair follicles as well as pigmented lesions in that area simultaneously.  All areas of the body can be treated. Our IPL is a pain free, cold laser with no discomfort from treatment nor any downtime. We offer free no obligation consultations so contact us today so we can help you achieve your desired results. 


IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a treatment for Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Removal.  This amazing treatment works intensely on the deeper layers of the skin giving a younger, fresher and tighter appearance.

All areas can be treated even sensitive areas such as bikini and face.  It is suitable as a treatment done over a period of approximately 8-10 months with a regular monthly treatment to achieve the best results.  Our IPL can treat blonde, red and dark hairs very effectively. We can add electrolysis into your Treatment if you have any grey hairs the IPL Laser won't remove. 

If you are unsure, a patch test can be done and treatment rescheduled the following week.  Please check our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information 


IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

Brazilian  $190   (including cotton tail)

Cotton Tail   $50                                                                                        


G String  $150                                              

Bikini  $110

Underarms  $110  

Tummy Line   $80                                                                                       

Top Lip  $60                                       

Chin  $90                                    

Jaw Line  $120                                            

Arms - Half  $250               

Legs - Half  $350                

Legs - Full  $500                 

Tummy Line  $60                 

Shoulders  $200            

Back of Neck  $120             

Full Back  from $500                     

Chest  from $500        

Spot Treatment From  $60     

We require a Deposit of 50% of your First Treatment Amount to secure your first appointment.