Learn Hair and Makeup skills, tricks and create looks taught by the best hair stylists and makeup artists in Brisbane in our private Hair and Makeup Classes


_14K5835Lucy Lane Beauty Therapy loves Makeup and Colour.  We use and recommend Emani Cosmetics and invite you to Colour Your World Lucy Lane Style!  We are talented and experienced Makeup Artists and specialize in all aspects of Makeup, including but not limited to, Weddings, Formals, Balls, Semi-formals, Formals, Special Events and Dance Competitions.  We also offer Tailored Makeup Classes to teach you the tricks of the trade and give you the confidence to experiment with Makeup, in our experienced hands.

Are you frustrated by having bad hair and makeup days?
Does your makeup leave you looking dull and flat?
Are you looking and feeling older than you really are?
Are you tired of using the same beige, safe makeup?
Are you too nervous to add new colours and styles into your collection?
Are you stuck in the ‘80’s? Or natural ‘00’s?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the solution for you!  Lucy Lane Beauty Therapy is offering you professional Hair and Makeup Classes.  Class costs are listed below, per person, and this is for an individual one on one Class or a Group Class. Class teaching time will vary depending on size.  Please bring all your makeup and hair tools/products with you to the class, or alternatively, we can introduce to new products you can work with and use at home.

IMG_4630A fully qualified and thoroughly experienced Lucy Lane Makeup Artist and Hairstylist will teach you to rid old habits, experiment with new colours and techniques and give you the confidence to put your best face forward!  You will be guided through your hair and makeup bag and shown which products to keep and which products to replace and which key products and tools you may need to add to perfect and polish your look.  You will learn expert hair makeup application techniques, tricks of the trade and gain confidence to wear new colours and achieve new looks all whilst being expertly guided.  Classes have a maximum number of four ladies, to ensure full attention to each lady is given and a thorough understanding of hair and makeup and its application is achieved.  This is a class every lady in every age group should enroll in! Please call us today to book your seat.  We can’t wait to reinvent and energise the new you. Our classes are excellent for mums re re-entering the workforce, girls leaving school and entering the workforce, ladies who wish to update and modernise their look and are a great idea for a fun and educational girls day out. 

Refreshments are provided and fun is also ensured.

Please note, any classes size, themes and times can be organized, including Saturdays and evenings, and class sizes will vary depending on the number of participants.  We are very flexible and are here to work for you so don’t hesitate to ask if you have specific needs or demands, and we will strive to accommodate you.

Makeup Class

$250 pp

Hair Classes

Hair Starter Class $180 pp


  • Includes: professional blowdrying, curling and straightening
  • Haircare styling and finishing
  • Product Education


Hair Creative Class $220

  • Braiding
  • Upstyles
  • Clip in hair application and styling

Hair Starter and Makeup Class $400 pp

Hair Creative and Makeup Class $450 pp

Receive 10% off all products/tools purchased on the day. 

*please come with clean skin/washed and dry hair.

*Please note a non-refundable booking fee of 50% is necessary to secure your seat

*Please be rewarded with 10% off your fee for each new client you bring or sign up to the classes.